The re-closeable vinotwist 30x60 BVS quality twist cap which is manufactured by BT-Watzke in Pinggau, Austria, is a truly Austrian product. It is visually elegant, precise, reliable, durable, practical to use and, above all, high-quality.

As it is so easy to open and reclose, it gives the traditional product that is wine a modern, up-to-date appearance without affecting the quality of the wine.

Our screw cap is available as vinotwist and vinotwist Premium.

The quality twist cap

Our close relationship with the wine growers, more than one hundred years of experience in producing caps and certified quality standards guarantee a perfect filling with one of the most secure and high-quality bottle tops in the world.

  • Modern and up-to-date
  • Reliable and durable
  • Re-closable
  • Practical to use

We use one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe and a tin liner which has been specially selected for wine. This makes vinotwist - 30x60 wine and spirits tamper-evident closure - a fantastic alternative to traditional corks. The constantly growing demand is the best proof of this.

vinotwist - data sheet

vinotwist Premium - data sheet

modern, up-to-date and reliable - vinotwist from BT-Watzke

Customisation possibilities:


    A highly qualified, experienced team is here for you and is happy to advise you on the design of your vinotwist which is tailored exactly to your requirements.

    There is no need to make any compromises on the design or features, even for small batches. Our close relationship to our customers, our in-house production and our location in the heart of Europe make this possible.


    Optical inspection system
    Optical inspection system

    Every single gasket which we use is checked by a high-speed camera to ensure its quality. The system recognises the shape and nature of the surface of the gasket, so it can spot even the smallest faults!

    This process, which is unique in the market, which is used for quality assurance was developed by the BT-Anlagenbau company and is proof of our high quality standards.



    Top embossing
    Top embossing

    The high quality processes which we use make it possible to include the most sophisticated features on vinotwist caps.

    The high-quality screw cap is now available with coloured, raised embossing on the top.


    BT-Watzke - a business with tradition

    The originating company was founded in 1892 and with a great deal of effort from its employees, the company managed to become Europe's premium supplier. There is no other factory worldwide producing a full range of capsules and wine screw caps at a single site. Capsule production combined with the machine shop producing and maintaining the equipment for production makes our factory truly one of a kind.

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