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One Closure, Five Seals

Tin Saran
Tin Saran
  • Minimal oxygen permeability
    • Young wines
    • Classic wines
    • Single vineyard wines
  • Suitable for hot filling (only possible with vertical storage)

  • Moderate oxygen permeability
    • Young wines
    • Classic wines

Saranex high
  • Frizzante / sparkling wines
  • Withstands up to 4 bar pressure

  • PVC-free and chlorine-free
  • Moderate oxygen permeability
    • Young wines
    • Classic wines

  • Spirits
  • PVC free - chlorine
  • 15% - 50 % alcohol

valid from
week 13/2018

BVS 30x60 mm ROPP Aluminium screw cap

Material: Aluminium which is suitable for thermoforming, thickness 0.23 ±0.01  
Seals: options: TIN-SARAN
  Thickness: 2.0 ± 0.2 mm
  Storage temperature: 5°C - 35°C
  Humidity: 30 - 80 %
Inside: high-quality protective coating  
Outside: Printing according to customer's request
in up to 3 colours with offset or screen printing, with hot embossing or relief embossing (coloured or not coloured)
Closing specifications    
Standard values: Top pressure: 160 - 200 kg
  Depth of draw: 1.6 mm -0.1 +0.2 mm
  Side pressure thread rolls: 9 - 13 kg
  Side pressure flange rolls: 7 - 9 kg
  Cap diameter: 27.5 mm
Opening: torque: 0,8 - 1,8 Nm
Ø Weight*: 1,000 pieces: 4.6 kg
*Dependent on lacquering type and liner    
Packaging: 1,200 pieces per box
24,000 pieces per pallet
Recommendations: • Use new glass
• Store bottles upright for 3 - 5 min. after filling
• Securely close any open packaging before storing
    valid from week 01/2020

The details listed above are based on the current state of our knowledge and represent a guarantee of certain characteristics. We cannot have an influence over the way in which our product is used. The purchaser must therefore take responsibility for how it is used. The purchaser must ensure that the product is suitable for use as they intend to use it. We reserve the right to make slight, product-specific changes and technical improvements. Our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery also apply.


BT-Watzke - a business with tradition

The originating company was founded in 1892 and with a great deal of effort from its employees, the company managed to become Europe's premium supplier. There is no other factory worldwide producing a full range of capsules and wine screw caps at a single site. Capsule production combined with the machine shop producing and maintaining the equipment for production makes our factory truly one of a kind.

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