Colourful vinotwist twist caps

New top-standard colours for vinotwist BVS 30x60 ROPP screw caps are now available. Check with our local partners for colour samples. Find a first digital impression online.

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New standard colours for vinotiwst® 30x60

The quality screw cap for wine is now available in even more colours.

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BT-Watzke videos on YOUTUBE

Take a look at our YouTube channel.

Here, we present you videos about our products.


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Produced by BT-Watzke in Pinggau, the reclosable vinotwist quality screw cap is a genuine Austrian: visually elegant, precise, reliable and resistent, practical in handling and, above all, of high quality.

By simply opening and reclosing, it gives the traditional wine product a modern, up-to-date appearance without influencing the wine's quality.


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